About Us


GiGsUP.org is the official resistance site for the Alliance for Independent Workers.

The Alliance for Independent Workers (“AIW”)  is a national activism group promoting rights of the gig worker. AIW faces unique challenges, particularly when dealing with companies like Uber & LYFT, who trample over their human capital (drivers) in order to make money.

AIW advocates for drivers against the corporate greed of Gig-based companies. Our issues are as follows:

Pay – We seek Fair, Equitable and Just Compensation. We believe that in order to be truly an independent contractor, drivers must be able to have control over per mile and per minute charges for their services.  We seek fair adjudication over driver deactivations. Uber & LYFT take summary action against drivers, impacting their income without any fair hearing of grievances to ensure the outcome is just.

Transparency – Drivers should be able to know who a passenger is and where they are going before accepting a fare.  Drivers and passengers should also be provided with an accurate picture of what the fare split is between the provider and the corporation.

Driver Security and Safety Uber & LYFT aren’t concerned with the safety of drivers. They provide no tools for alerting authorities when a dangerous situation is developing.

Please encourage activist minded people to join our cause.

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